SecureSCI is a real-time credit card device verification system that goes beyond the limitations of existing verification systems, bringing a whole new level of fraud protection by actually verifying the hardware device being used to process the credit card. This prevents fraudsters from using your credit card(s) to make fraudulent online transactions even if they have all your personal information because they don't own your computer!

Nothing else on Earth exists like it today!

This website is a demonstration of the functionality of SecureSCI. During the normal checkout process of an online transaction, you will have the opportunity to register your device with SecureSCI in order to add an additional layer of security to prevent online credit card fraud. Once your device is registered, you will see a notification between the Billing Information Step 5 and the Order Review Step 6 that will alert you to proceed forward with or without your device being registered. If you are not registered, an alert will stop your purchase transaction. If you are registered, you may proceed to complete your purchase transaction.

The process of registering your device, which is the computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone used to make the purchase, is fairly simple and only requires you to signup for the SecureSCI service and register your devices. You may register more than one device per credit card, and more than one credit card per device. This provides added peace of mind during any online payment transaction.